Wheat products

About project

The purpose of this project is to create a resource-saving and environmentally safe complex for wheat processing into ingredients which are used:​​ 

  • ​for food and beverage production,

  • for the production of health  and healthy nutrition products,

  • in industry,

  • for feed production.​


The complex is under construction in the city of Kaluga, on the territory of Rosva  Industrial park on an area of 18 hectares. The complex will include:

  • Elevators with the capacity of 170000 tones,
  • Biotechnological complex,

  • Warehouse complex,

  • Logistics center.

Biotech Rosva: new technologies
for modern Russia
Our ultimate priority is the creation of a socially
responsible business cluster, based on large-scale
production, which gives impetus to the development
of agriculture and small business.
Lev Semyonovich CHERNOY,
Director of the “Institute of Advanced Scientific Research”
Investor of "Biotechnological complex - Rosva" project


Biotech Rosva JSC was founded in 2011 for the implementation of the innovative high technology project for deep processing of wheat into food ingredients. Deep processing of wheat is innovative technology of the XXI century for modern Russia. The initiator and owner of the project is Lev Semyonovich Chernoy, Doctor of Economics, Professor, the head of the Institute for Advanced Scientific Research under the Department of Social Science of the Russian Academy of Science.

The Institute is also involved in the evaluation and selection of high technologies. The project meets all demands of the Russian economy - innovations, import substitution of food raw materials and additives, new jobs, food security, the transition of the domestic economy from raw materials to processing and high technological one.

On July 23, 2012 the Government of Kaluga Region, the Administrative Board of Kaluga city, "Development Corporation of Kaluga Region" JSC and «Biotechnological Complex-Rosva" JSC signed the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Implementation of the Investment Project for the Placement of the Deep Wheat Processing Complex on the Territory of “Rosva” Industrial Park.
A modern wheat warehouse was opened in 2015, which is part of the biotechnological complex, with a total capacity of 170 thousand tons of simultaneous storage. The volume of wheat processing after the enterprise reaches full production capacity will be 250,000 tons of wheat per year with the prospect of increasing wheat processing volumes.
The total amount of investments, in the long term, will be about 30 billion rubles. It is planned to create about 500 jobs. Based on the complex of innovative Russian and foreign technologies, engineering solutions and equipment, the technological configuration of the plant is unique and has no analogues in the world. All processes at the facility are environmentally friendly, almost non-waste and energy-efficient.

The following products will be produced at the plant:

Gluten (wheat gluten), starch, high fructose syrup (HFS-55), glucose monohydrate (glucose crystal), sorbitol (sorbitol syrup), feed additive. At the same time gluten, glucose monohydrate, sorbitol is imported to Russia.

The area of product usage is quiet wide – food, textile, chemical production, and pharmaceutical industry, production of cosmetics, paper- mill and agricultural enterprises.

The enterprise is aimed on comprehensive development – from wheat growing to its deep processing. To obtain its own raw materials (wheat) it was purchased 5.5 thousand hectares of land in the Kaluga region in 2016. In fact, this is a full production cycle.

The plans for the next few years are to increase the volume of arable land to 10 thousand hectares. 
The plant will stimulate the development of small and medium size enterprises around it because the business will have the opportunity to perform the further processing of the products the plant manufactures.

The implementation of the project will be an important step in the way of modernization and development of the agricultural sector: an increase in domestic consumption of wheat, the creation of new wheat storage facilities, and stimulation of wheat production market.



Sorbitol syrup



High fructose syrup

Wheat starch

ГОСТ 31935-2012

Glucose monohydrate

crystalline glucose
ГОСТ 975-88

Wheat gluten

ГОСТ 31934-2012

Animals feed
"Biotech Rosva”, a unique project, complex of deep wheat processing is under construction in Kaluga region. An innovative enterprise needs special personnel. Vladimir Gromovik, complex General Director spoke about it..
Vladimir Grigorievich GROMOVIK
General Director of “Biotechnological Complex – Rosva”